Houston based singer/songwriter Jason Cameron is a folk storyteller reminiscent of Bob Dylan and James Taylor. Singing stories of hope and lessons learned along the way with his rhythmic finger style guitar playing, he can drop you into the world of his songs with ease.  

Simply put, Jason Cameron is a family man who loves Jesus, all people, the outdoors, and music. His lyrics are raw and honest and reflect the anchors of his faith in the uncertainties of life. "That's when faith matters the most", he says. "It's easy when things are rosy. It's when we're in the valleys that faith can build true character into a person".


 Interestingly, Jason also works as a nurse in the world of pediatrics. "I have always had a passion for helping people in a very hands-on way. I used to tell my wife all the time that she should be a nurse because she is so kind to people. She finally got sick of me telling her that and said, "Why don't you just go and be a nurse?!", I did, and I've loved it ever since." 


Jason's role as a nurse has only served to deepen the soul and meaning in his songwriting. Experiences that span from bringing comfort to cancer patients in their last moments to celebrating with a child who just beat cancer surface in his songwriting in the form of hope and thankfulness.

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